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sábado, 7 de julio de 2012

V7.1 Summer Edition



# add new settings.apk [ Thank to autoradio ] file come from he 
# attached files patche and undo with softket included and ics ;layout 
# removed bug with some apps like LINE messenger thanks to tester

1 changed radio by spirit radio
2 add 2 live walpaper
3 fixed and removed theme
4 fixed fc with some apps
5 more forget it.....
6 After flash just luch [ SUPER ONE CLIC ] and root device againe reboot that all
7 for FC in anonymus stat in cyanogen seting is normal becaus is desabled
8 all work fine tested by me on my LillG


Bueno es lo q actualizo la 7.1 para mas info vayan a la fuente de xda developers:
V7.1 summer edition

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