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domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Minisense v4

Minisense v4
Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

"Super fluida y rápida, tiene toda la apariencia de las stockroms de HTC,
Esta ROM esta basada en CyanogenMod 7.2"



Minisense v4
- Upgraded to sense 4.0 looks (htc rom's android 4 based stock roms are called sense 4.0)
- Squadzones kernel
- Now the keyboard is htc-keyboard (blurry character bugs are solved)
- Base completely updated to latest sources and latest new features
- Droid wall(firewall for android)
- You can install apps on sd card by using settings (go to:settings->cyanogenmod settings->applications->install location and then select externel , dont install any a2sd scripts)
- Rom is very smooth and performing like never before
- Scripts updated and modded
- And many tweaks as usual for performance,batterybackup and hw acceleration


Minisense v3
- Tweaks for wifi,internet,dialing,battery standup and performance(build.prop)
- New updated camera.apk , video recording resolution at 640*480 upto 30 fps but fps depends on ur sd card
- Added gmail,email and fm radio
- A mix of adrenaline engine and slaidyboost scripts along with beats audios scripts for audio enhancement(the rom is still a lot quicker)
- Gallery is now more quick without lags to load the images
- New gr8 looking music player and gallery
- Support for chinese and korean fonts(untested)
- Everything is quick , no lags witnessed so far in anything
- Don't remember others


Minisense v2
- Added slaidy boost's scripts in addition to some other scripts , great performance now
- Supersupersmooth
- Megabass beats audio (great sound quality , bass boost works fine even with dsp equalizer)
- Music app of cyanogenmod added in addition to that of htc music player
- Cool new htc boot animation
- Touchpal is the default keyboard(found this the best one available)
- And much more on performance(i forgot those ) , battery backup ,etc.
- Antutu benchmark score 2042 with performance @ 787mhz


Minisense v1
- Based on cyanogenmod 7.2
- Full Deodex
- Supersmooth
- FrameWorkMod(Audio)
- Adrenaline™ Script
- Build.prop tweaks:
- More battery, More Speed, Less lags.
- HTC keyboard
- HTC launcher
- HTC lockscreen
- HTC BeatsMusik(special edition)
- HTC theme
- HTC widget
- HTC sounds

- Descargar la rom
- Pasar Archivo a raíz sd
- Encender en modo recovery(home+power)
- Wipe data/reset
- Wipe cache partition
- Wipe dalvik cache
- Seleccionar "install zip from sd card"
- Seleccionar "choose zip from sd card", elegir zip/rar de la ROM
- Bajar y darle a "yes-install"
- Wipe/data reset
- Reboot
- Caja de aplicaciones/ Activar Agile Lock
- Reboot

Minisense v4:
Wifi fix:

Nota: Debes de tener, Versión de android 2.3.x y el Clockworkmod Recovery instalado,
No me hago responsable de daños que puedas ocasionarle a tu equipo, hazlo bajo tu propio riesgo

3 comentarios:

andy dijo...

llevo usandola desde ayer y me da problemas con el wifi.

Anónimo dijo...

No se como se descarga ayudaa

Joel Eliseo Alvarenga Maldonado dijo...

eso no sirve con wifi ya le instale el fix pero nada aun!!

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